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EvoShield Custom Molding Leg Guard (Youth)




EvoShield Speed Stripe Batter’s Leg Guard


Used by MLB stars

Custom molded shield conforms to the body and cleats for the perfect fit

Gel-to-Shell Technology begins soft and flexible, transforming to hard and
protective in minutes

Disperses impact, rather than absorbing it, for maximum protection

Fit Shields over uniform and cleats

How It Works:

Rip it- Rip open the foil bag and remove the soft Shield, exposing to the air
activates EvoShield’s Gel-to-Shell Technology.

Fit it- Place the Shield in position around the shin with the ankle flap
over the inner ankle of front batting leg. Secure tightly with the elastic
straps, smoothing any wrinkles. Then position foot Shield on cleat and secure tightly
with elastic strap. The Shield will begin to harden in about 10 minutes.

Wear it- Wear the Shield for 30 minutes for the Gel-to-Shell process to complete.
Once fitted, the Shield is permanently molded to your body shape for maximum

Delivery Australia wide

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